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More on building a food business -#3

The third of 4 weekly blogs

  1. Great food is just the start.

  2. What are you good at?

  3. Are you too busy to grow your business?

  4. Making sure you make money!


Food consultant

OK, your product is fantastic. It tastes incredible, it is loaded with all the most fashionable super foods and it looks sublime. So why aren't your sales trebling year on year?

People telling you how wonderful you and your food are is not enough to drive your business on. You need a focused and disciplined sales and marketing strategy which addresses all potential routes to market. Just because you are brilliant doesn't mean that buyers are going to come running to you!

It's highly likely that you developed a comprehensive marketing strategy as part of your business plan but when was the last time you reviewed it to see if you are 'on message'?


You are busy. I know. We all are.

food consultant

But are you telling me you are too busy dealing with all the intricacies of being a food entrepreneur to grow your business?

At we've come across too many people who are stuck working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week just keeping their business ticking over. They got too close to the detail and they can no longer see the big picture.

We've helped those people to;

  • Get away from the coal face to reset their strategy and focus.

  • Find buyers from within out network who fit their business's profile.

  • Engage with our specialist marketing team to help them get their products known in the right circles.


help with my food business

Food entrepreneurs will have already developed a great product which is 'in the moment' that's why they are entrepreneurs but if they are doing well, other businesses will move into their market space.

You can't copyright food (unless you've found a truly unique step in its production) so you've got at best 12 months before the competition jumps into your arena and realistically only 6. has helped food businesses to stay dynamic, fresh and driven by helping them create and sell new ranges and most importantly to keep that pipeline of new ideas full.

A couple of our clients are brilliant at new product development and they wanted to manage the process themselves so we helped them organise their operations to give them the time to focus on this critical component of their business.

So, your business is as good as the next product range that you have in the pipeline. If you stand still for too long, you'll find it enormously difficult to maintain the continuous growth that is required for success. If you are too busy to develop your next product range, get help.

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