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Building a food business - #2

The second of 4 weekly blogs

  1. Great food is just the start.

  2. What are you good at?

  3. How do you get your products to market?

  4. Making sure you make money!


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If you are:

  • a great sales person and

  • a brilliant marketeer and

  • a process management expert and

  • an astute finance director and

  • a food scientist and

  • a risk assessment specialist and

  • an HR manager and

  • a consummate people manager and

  • a logistics professional..............

.........then you need to stop reading this blog and get on with running your company.

If you are not all (or some) of these then the chances are that you will need help.

When I hear a food and drink entrepreneur ask for help, I know that they are the kind of business that has every chance of success. The entrepreneurs who try to do it all themselves are going to struggle.


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You know what you are good at. You also should know what you are not good at. Typically the tasks that you really do not enjoy doing are the ones that you are not good at and they are the ones that will hold your business back.

Take your accounts. Many entrepreneurs don't have great bookkeeping skills so they hire the service of an accountant to look after their books and to keep them reconciled. This can be surprisingly good value for money and you know that your contract accountant is there for you if you need specialist help.

So why don't you have the same support in other core skills required of a food manufacturer?

Imagine a contracted service that can deliver sales, marketing, business strategy, food safety, logistics, production efficiency, supply chain advice etc., etc. Well, that's what THE FOOD AGENCY does!


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As an entrepreneur, you will be great in one discipline, good at a couple of others, average in another and poor in the rest.

So, concentrate on your core skills, drive your business onward with those core skills and fill the gaps with hired expertise.

In 2017 you can not run a business by being average. Getting the best people supporting you and filling your skills gaps is your insurance for success.