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The first of 5 top tips to grow your food business

The Food Agency

1. Campaign

2. Know your numbers

3. Resources - Physical, Financial, Emotional

4. Your opinion doesn't matter!

5. Smart Change - What have you got in the pipeline?

The first of 5 blogs to give you an an

advantage in 2017


Do you really need a Vision Statement?

You'll find advice from wise business consultants telling you that you need a 'Mission'. If you dig even deeper, people will tell you that you need to attach your 'Mission' to a 'Vision'.

help my food business

This isn't bad advice, it's just getting a little tired. Does your 'Vision Statement' really represent what you are truly passionate about or are you just trying to tick a box on a business plan template to appease investors?

Today's entrepreneurs have a campaign

Patrick Brown is trying to develop the perfect vegan burger. He's not doing it so that he can be the next fast food billionaire, he's doing it to 'wipe out the animal farming industry and take them down'.

Unilever stopped 'selling' Lifebuoy soap some time ago and started educating people on how to wash their hands properly so that child related deaths from communicable diseases are reduced. The soap then became a vehicle to achieve their altruistic ends.

Campaigns don't have to be of global significance neither do they have to be aimed at improving society. For example;

BrewDog, the astonishingly successful punk brewery began their journey to 'make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are'.

It's perfectly OK for the campaign to be localised. Take the Esh Group for example. They are in the North East of England and they passionately focus on the development of the social and physical environment that supports their business.

This approach is a known in certain circles as 'Movement Marketing'. It gets entrepreneurs to join in a conversation that is about anything and everything but the product. It is the future.

It's about change for good. There is only one has to come from the has to be genuine, passionate and it has to run through the core of the business from supply to delivery.

Getting your business noticed

So, movement marketing (if genuine) is the most powerful way to get your business noticed in a crowded world. You'll get to see more buyers when your business is centred around a social campaign.

Framing your products and services around your campaign will keep you focused and maintain a shared message through your organisation.

Most importantly, you can use your business to support your passion whether that's music, animal welfare, climate change or the local village green.

Whilst you're improving your business, why not improve your world at the same time?

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