What's next in the pipeline?

Blog #6 in a series of 6

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1. So, you want to grow your food business

2. Why should I put your products on my shelves?

3. Know your role in your business.

4. Know your numbers.

5. Consistency is everything.

6. What's next in the pipeline?

It's not easy

My clients spend a lot of time developing their recipes, products, brand and routes to market so when they bring a new product to me they are justifiably proud. I have to find the right time to say 'OK, what's next?'.

Selling food products

That's not because I'm insensitive, it's because I know that's what the buyers and consumers will be thinking.

Buyers for retail will want to know that new suppliers are not 'one hit wonders' and that they have a strategy to develop the brand, to bring new variants of products to market and a plan to support new products through a marketing strategy.

Evolve to stay ahead of the competition

It's rare that intellectual property rights can be substantiated for a food or drink product so the only things that you have in your armoury to secure a sustainable business is your uniqueness as defined by your brand and your ability to stay ahead of the competition by developing new products.

If you stand still the market will eventually overwhelm your business.

So, force yourself to keep moving forward otherwise copycat products and newer variants in your range will reduce your brand's most important facet, its uniqueness,

Product development